Regional Economic Communities


ECA extended its support to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to develop its Industrialization Strategy and Roadmap, which was adopted by the Summit in April 2015. The SADC Industrialization Strategy and Roadmap seeks to engender a major economic and technological transformation at the national and regional levels within the context of deeper regional integration. It also aims at accelerating the growth momentum and enhancing the comparative and competitive advantage of the economies of the region.

SADC Industrialization Policy and Roadmap



The Economic Commission for Africa supported the development of the East African Community’s “EAC Vision 2050”. The latter lays out a broad East Africa’s perspectives in which the region optimizes the utility of its resources to narrow the gap in terms of social wellbeing and productivity.  It portrays a future for East Africa of individual prosperity in cohesive societies, competitive economies, and strong inter-regional interaction.  It is envisaged that by 2050 per capita incomes would grow ten-fold, situating the region into upper-middle income category.