July 2018 to January 2019

15 African Climate Researchers to receive £1.5M to conduct research on impacts of climate change in Africa

Using a nexus approach to improve climate resilience and benefit society, the economy and the environment

The Policy and Enabling Environment Component (PEEC) of the Weather and Climate Information Service (WISER) Programme

Climate Research for Development (CR4D) in Africa: Minutes of the Fourth Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting

Consultative workshop on enhancing gender engagement in the uptake and use of climate information and services

Seventh Climate Change and Development in Africa (CCDA) conference – WISER focus group meetings

Climate Information Services Innovations: Best ranked CIS innovation proposals – presented at CCDA-VII

Making every dollar count: how investing in climate information pays dividends for Africa’s key socio-economic sectors

Calculating the cost of climate disasters – and why investment in climate information services pay off

Addressing the missing links: how WISER’s mapping tool will help key climate information groups connect

Climate Information Services: training a critical mass of key influencers

Regional Climate Outlook Forums: best practice highlights

Report on Mapping CIS and Climate Change Institutions

RCOFs Knowledge Partnership: Write-shop to Produce an African Regional Climate Outlook Forum (RCOFs) Best Practices Document

Climate Research for Development (CR4D):  Guide for Full Application

For the creation of three interconnected sectoral simulation models on agriculture, water and energy; customized and parametrized to Cameroon, Uganda and Mozambique

January to June 2018

WISER Policy and Enabling Environment Component (PEEC) Annual Report

SEB Analytical Report

SEB Application Manual

SEB-CIS-DRR validation workshop report

SEB Nexus analytical report on agriculture, water and energy

AMCOMET Bureau Ministerial Decisions

Second Ordinary Session of the Specialized Technical Committee (STC) on Agriculture, Rural Development, Water and Environment

Summary and Key messages of the fourth session of the African Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (ARFSD)

Climate Information Services (CIS) Day Report

ToT mainstreaming CI and CIS into policy plans and processes report

Training of Pan-African Parliamentarians on The application of CIS in development planning report

Senegal CIS training - Agriculture policy

Kenya CSOs training on climate information services report

Cameroon - Rapport General Seminaire Esstic Cea Revu Et Corrige

Proceedings of the CIS briefing for Ambassador on the 6th December 2017

WISER driving change in Climate Information to spur Africas Development

The economic case for Climate Information Services

Climate research for development in Africa

Climate Information Services training and tools to boost uptake across Africa

Nurturing innovations in Climate Information Services to drive uptake

Knowledge management as an enabler of co-production uptake and use of Climate Information Services

knowledge management and influence strategy core group workshop report

knowledge management and influence strategy validation workshop report

Inaugural RCOFs knowledge exchange (23 Mar 2018) report

Saly CIS coordination roadmap

Updated Mapping of Institutions Along the CIS Value Chain

Data Sharing Africa Report

Best ranked CIS innovation proposal abstracts

QA for CIS CoP

Compendium of good practices on CIS innovations

Scientific Advisory Committee workshop report

Project document CR4D grant manager

Executive Summary

First meeting of Institutional Collaboration Platform report

July to December 2017

WISER Policy and Enabling Environment Component (PEEC)

Socioeconomic Benefits of Climate Information Service for Disaster Risk Reduction in Africa

Third Bureau Meeting of AMCOMET - AMCOMET Bureau Ministerial Decisions

Second Ordinary Session of the Specialized Technical Committee (STC) On Agriculture, Rural Development, Water and Environment (Ministers’ Session)

Addressing the Missing Links for Enhanced Uptake and Use of CIS into Development Planning, Policy and Practice in Africa

Mainstreaming Climate Information and Services into legislation, development policies and plans

A fast track course on application of climate information and services in decision making

Proceedings of Ambassadors briefing on Integrating of Climate Information and Climate Information Services into Policy and Practices

Knowledge Management and Influence Core Group Meeting Report 19-20 Oct 2017

Knowledge Management and Influence Core Group Meeting Report 24-25 Oct 2017

Towards a Roadmap for Scaling up the Delivery of Coordinated Weather, Water and Climate Services in Africa

Role of mobile applications in collecting, documenting and disseminating integrated weather and climate forecasts for farmers: The case study of Ada East District in Ghana

Climate Research for Development (CR4D) in Africa Minutes of The Third Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting (SAC)

Climate Research for Development (CR4D) in Africa Institutional Collaboration Platform (ICP) Launch Meeting

Pilot Phase – December 2015 to May 2017

WISER Brief Abstracts

National Strategic Plan_Uganda

SEB Modeling  Guidance Materials

CR4D S2S Training Workshop

CR4D SAC First Meeting

CR4D RCRP for East Africa

CR4D RCRP for Southern Africa

Fellowship Report Energy

CR4D Five Year Strategic Plan ToR

ACMAD Assessment Final Report

ACPC WISER Communications Plan

AGRHYMET Assessment Final Report

ICPAC Assessment Final Report

Knowledge Management 16-17 Oct Workshop Report

ACPC Knowledge Management Strategy 13 May

Communications Stakeholder Mapping of Institutions

CR4D Oversight Board and  SAC Meeting Final

Mapping of Institutions, Initiatives, and Experts

CR4D Regional Pilot Project on S2S in Central Africa

Training Workshop for Parliamentarians and CSOs Main Report

WISER Phase I Final Report Draft as of 30 May 2017 FINAL

Training Workshop for Parliamentarians and CSOs Main Report

Fellowship Report Climate Adaptation on Agriculture and Trade

Tools and Approaches for Capacity Building for Legislators in Mainstreaming CIS Final


WISER RCOFs knowledge exchange workshop (22 March 2018)

RCOFs knowledge Exchange Concept Note

RCOFs Knowledge Exchange Provisional Programme

ACMAD AND RCOFS accross Africa - Andre KAMGA F. and Hubert KAbenguela

Current status of operations of SARCOF - Mduduzi Sunshine Gamedze

Overview of Climate Data Sharing Protocols in Africa - Mouhamadou Bamba SYLLA

Seasonal forecasting process at regional or national AGRHYMET experience - Hamatan Mohamed and Tinni Halidou Seydou

The Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum (GHACOF) - Zewdu T. Segele

Capacity Building for Legislators, Policymakers and Civil Society (20 October 2016)

Climate Information Training Presentation for Parliamentarians

Workshop Proceedings Report

Workshop Resolution and Recommendation Summary

WISER Consultative Meeting (17 October 2016)

Climate Information Quality Assurance - Joseph Intsiful

Current Progress of Workstream I - Joseph Intsiful

El Nino La Nina & IOD as Global and Regional Indicators JN Mutemi

Good Practices and lesson learned - Zachary Atheru

Socio-Economic Benefit of CIS - Andrea M.Bassi

Strengthening Climate Information Partnerships - Zachary Atheru

WISER VfM and SEB - Matthew Savage

WISER Consultative Workshop Report

WISER KM Partnerships Meetings (16 October 2016)

Knowledge Management - Fatema Rajabali

Knowledge Management Tools - Erick Tambo

WISER Communication - Jacquie Chenje

Knowledge Management 16-17 Oct Workshop Report