Economic Report on Africa 2016

Economic Report on Africa 2016

Structural transformation in Africa’s economies remains the highest priority, and industrialization is the top strategy for achieving it in practice. Achieving the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals will
demand a major re-design of growth strategies across the continent.
The big opportunity for Africa in 2016, as a latecomer to industrialization, is in adopting alternative economic pathways to industrialization.This requires governments to take on-board the drivers, challenges, and trade-offs in pushing for a
greening of industrialization—and to build them into the vision and route-map for action. Seizing the momentum of the Paris Climate Agreement and the SDGs provides the ideal timing for such a shift in economic strategy.

Front Matter


Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Recent Economic and Social Developments in Africa

Chapter 2: Global and Continental Development Frameworks for Green Industrialization

Chapter 3: Greening Industrialization: Rationale and Concepts

Chapter 4: The Policy Framework for Greening Industrialization in Africa

Chapter 5: Alternative Pathways for Africa: Business as usual or a Green Agenda?

Chapter 6: Progress in the Greening of Africa’s Industry

Chapter 7: Policy Recommendations and Conclusions

Statistical Note



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