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Youth Innovators Design Bootcamp 2022

Disruptive Energy and Water Technologies and Innovations for Sustainable and Inclusive Development
21 février, 2022 - 25 février, 2022
Kigali, Rwanda


The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and its partners are pleased to invite youths from all walks of life to the Third Bootcamp of the Africa Regional Science, Technology and Innovation Forum 2022. The third Africa Regional Science, Technology and Innovation Forum Bootcamp will focus on disruption that emerging technologies and their applications in energy and water could offer Africa. The two fields – energy and water technologies - are selected given their relationship to life under water (SDG 14) and life on land (SDG 15), and the alignment with the bootcamp’s vision to empower and prepare African youths to become transformative forces in the two industries, and the society. Thus, making impact on SDG 4 (Education) and SDG 5 (Gender).

New approaches in energy and water generation, processing, management, storage, distribution and monitoring could have major implications for millions of Africans. In terms of energy, for instance, the estimated 600 million people without access to electricity and other forms of modern energy sources depend heavily on wood fuel to cook food. Many suffer from negative health consequences such as cancer, respiratory illness, increased blood pressure, low birth weights due to daily exposure to the smoke and other air pollutants generated by wood fires. More females than males are exposed to wood smoke and the associated health hazards. Further, Africa loses about 4 million hectares of forestry cover a year to partly meet energy needs, especially charcoal.

Advances in renewables energy, especially generating electricity from solar and wind sources are cheaper than from traditional sources (e.g. fossil fuels).  Therefore, they could make electricity more affordable even for poorer countries and much easier and faster to deploy and maintain.  The technological developments in renewable energy present Africa with unique opportunities to power households, institutions and communities cost-effectively and sustainably, allowing them to engage in broader and higher-level productive activities to uplift quality of life as they become more affordable than current energy sources.

The bootcamp is designed to expose youths to the value chains of different advanced renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, battery and hydrogen. The bootcamp will also enable youths to explore innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities and industrial scale manufacturing and deployment.


The bootcamp is open to all youths up to the age of 30 that may or may not be in colleges and universities across Africa. Those in innovation hubs or in employment are also encouraged to submit their applications. Participants might be supported by partners abroad as well as professionals in research centres, innovation hubs, universities and institutes as well as government and business leaders. They will be welcome to serve as talent scouts, mentors, coaches and guest lecturers.
Submission deadline: 17:00 hrs East African Time of 10 February 2022.

For further questions: Mr. Asfaw Yitna at yitna@un.org