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Zimbabwe NDC revision support webinar

Delivering Climate Resilient Development Policies in Africa
4 February, 2021

Zimbabwe is in the process of revising its NDC through engagement of climate sensitive sectoral experts (from Agriculture, Forestry, Energy, Industry, Waste and Transport). The NDC will be aligned to the newly finalized Low Emissions Development Strategy (LEDS). Modelling will take place by March, and the period March-May will be used for the NDC revision review and approval by parliament. The plan for the NDC revision completion and submission to UNFCCC is end of June 2021.

ECA convened this planning webinar that was attended by over 50 participants. The outcome was an NDC revision action plan that will guide ECA’s support to Zimbabwe in its revision of the country’s NDC.


Draft programme

Zimbabwe Long-term Low Greenhouse Gas Emission Development Strategy (2020-2050)

Supporting the Enhancement of NDCs Ambition in Africa - Zimbabwe