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Reforming International Financial Mechanism
27 May, 2022
The current SDR allocation to African nations grossly mismatches its projected population growth. At the ECA 2022 Conference of Ministers, Michel Camdesus - former IMF Managing Director argues for urgent reforms of the financial mechanism NOW!
Free Trade to Build a Resilient Africa
19 April, 2022
Covid pandemic threw Africa at the deep end for the continent to realize that together its 54 nations, 1.3bn people with a GDP of 3.4billion can be a formidable force and Free Intra-Africa trade could become the key to a prosperous future.
Building Forward for an African Green Recovery
2 March, 2022
Africa is at the eye of three storms. Climate change, Covid and Economic recession. Africa needs liquidity now to implement social and developmental project and the green strategy is the way forward for the recovery. Jean Paul Adam explains.