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ACPC footprint

Where we work

In collaboration and partnership with regional institutions, ACPC has directly supported many countries from all sub-regions in Africa. The centre’s interventions have been geared towards strengthening human and institution capacity, advising on climate response policies and strategies, and backstopping the climate change negotiation processes. In addition, ACPC has been a thought leader and a convenor of many platforms for developing thinking on contemporary topics regionally. In this regard, ACPC conceived the African Climate Talks, the Climate Research for Development (CR4D), and the Africa Climate Resilience Platform (AFRI-RES). In addition, ACPC was a key partner institution in the establishment of the ClimDev-Africa programme and the Weather and Climate Information Services for Africa (WISER). 

A detailed depiction of ACPC’s footprint and activities in Africa at national level is provided here.

In addition to the above footprint, since its inception, ACPC has implemented Pan-Africa interventions aimed at addressing climate change knowledge, awareness and capacity gaps, as enumerated below:







Young lawyers programme

Aims to mentor young lawyers and build their capacity to participate in climate change negotiations.




Climate Research for Development (CR4D)

Launched to strengthen links between climate science research and climate information needs in support of development planning in Africa.

WMO, African Academy of Sciences (AAS)



Climate, Land, Energy and Water (CLEW)

Policy coherence and integrated climate, land, energy and water systems modelling capacity for integrated implementation of NDCs and the SDGs.

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA),United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)



Weather and Climate Information Services for Africa (WISER)

Aims to stimulate the uptake of climate information by policy makers and vulnerable groups.

UK-Met Office



Africa Climate Resilient Investment Facility (AFRI-RES)

Supporting countries and project developers to plan, design and implement investments that are resilient to climate change in key sectors

AUC, World Bank, AfDB and Nordic Development Fund



Building back better after cyclones Idai and Kenneth in Southern Africa

Geared towards provision of support to affected countries through "building back better" by integrating climate information for resilience by way of policies and improved access to climate information and prediction services.

Southern African Development Community (SADC-CSC, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), UNDP Zimbabwe, ECA Sub Regional Office -Southern Africa (SRO-SA).