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Objectives of the Conference

The AEC is the leading forum for discussing Africa’s pressing concerns. Its specific objectives are to:

  • promote knowledge management as an important driver of policy dialogue, planning, and implementation;
  • foster dialogue among researchers, development practitioners, and policymakers;
  • encourage and enhance research on African economic and policy issues by promoting evidence-based policymaking;
  • provide an opportunity for young African researchers, Africans in the diaspora, and organizations to share their knowledge with policymakers; and
  • serve as a platform for researchers, policymakers, and private sector operators to meet and have a consensus on regional and continental integration to accelerate Africa’s inclusive and sustainable development.

Since 2006, the AEC has fostered the exchange of knowledge on a variety of issues .

Past African Economic Conference themes

  1. AEC 2021 – Financing Africa’s Post-COVID-19 Development
  2. AEC 2020 – Africa beyond COVID-19: Accelerating towards Inclusive Sustainable Development
  3. AEC 2019 – Jobs, Entrepreneurship and Capacity Development for African Youths
  4. AEC 2018 – Regional and Continental Integration for Africa’s development
  5. AEC 2017 – Governance for Structural Transformation
  6. AEC 2016 – Feed Africa: Towards Agro-Allied Industrialization for Inclusive Growth
  7. AEC 2015 – Addressing Poverty and Inequality in the Post 2015 Development Agenda
  8. AEC 2014 – Knowledge and Innovation for Africa’s Transformation
  9. AEC 2013 – Regional Integration in Africa
  10. AEC 2012 – Fostering Inclusive and Sustainable Transformation in Africa in an Age of Global Economic Uncertainty
  11. AEC 2011 – Green Economy and Structural Transformation in Africa
  12. AEC 2010 – Setting the Agenda for Africa’s Economic Recovery and Long-Term Growth
  13. AEC 2009 – Fostering Development in an Era of Financial and Economic Crises
  14. AEC 2008 – Globalization, Institutions and Economic Development of Africa
  15. AEC 2007 – Opportunities and Challenges of Development for Africa in the Global Arena
  16. AEC 2006 – Accelerating Africa’s Development Five Years into the 21st Century.