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Regional Dialogue: African Food Systems


Aiming at accelerating the implementation of the Decade of Action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, the Secretary-General of the United Nations will convene a Summit on food systems within the context of the HLGA in September 2021 to help develop the future direction for global food systems and inspire necessary actions. The Summit will, in specific, explore how to rapidly transform food systems observing the principles and goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and identify pathways to leverage these transformations to accelerate overall progress for the 17 SDGs. 

Processes and Objectives

Dialogues are part and parcel of the Food Systems Summit process. Dialogues offer a dynamic way to engage stakeholders involved in food systems to explore their respective roles and how these could be linked to others to accelerate transformative actions in support of the SDGs. Dialogues will be convened at four levels: Global, regional, Member State, and independent Dialogues. Regional dialogues are intended to chart the way for collective efforts towards addressing challenges facing food systems in an integrated manner. The aim of the present Regional dialogue on African Food Systems is to examine drivers that shape the future pathway of African food systems, highlighting complexity, challenges and opportunities, pinpointing the importance of regionally coordinated actions, and formulating actionable measures towards accelerating food systems transformation. 

The Africa Regional Dialogue will specifically aim at providing a platform for exploring pathways for accelerating food systems transformation, with focus on game changing solutions that are regionally-oriented, well-aligned with the principles and objectives of 2030 Agenda, and African context. The regional Dialogue should identify solutions that support achieving the 5 action tracks identified as objectives of the Summit.


The Regional Dialogue will consist of two sessions, a technical and a high level policy roundtable. The Technical session will feature discussion on the current status of African food systems, highlighting complexity, challenges, opportunities and the way forward, with due consideration to current crises, including in COVID-19 and recurrent extreme weather events. The high level political roundtable will explore possible pathways, accompanied by commitments, for equitable and sustainable food systems transformation building on existing regional policy frameworks and initiatives. The Key messages of the Regional Dialogue will be presented before the Food Systems Summit (FSS) representing Africa common position in support of promoting equitable and sustainable food systems transformation.

A position paper, providing the collective view of partners towards African solutions for accelerating food systems transformation, will be presented to ignite an organized discussion on how to, sustainably, inclusively, advance food systems in Africa. 

The Dialogue, which is organized in partnership with Africa’s key players in the agricultural sector, including AUC, AUDA-NEPAD, AfDB, FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP, as well as Africa-based research institutions, including akademiya2063 and RUFORUM, will take place within the context of the upcoming 7th ARFSD on Thursday 4 March between 9am and 2pm. 

Who should attend the Regional Dialogue?

As the Regional Dialogue will attempt to explore drivers to shape the future pathway of African food systems, all agriculture-focused policy makers, field practitioners, development partners, stakeholders, CSOs should attend.



Regional Dialogue - African Food Systems Background Paper


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