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Closing remarks by Mrs. Hanan Morsy at the Launch of the Economic Report on Africa 2024

24 April, 2024
Closing remarks by Mrs. Hanan Morsy at the Launch of the Economic Report on Africa 2024

Launch of the Economic Report on Africa 2024

Closing remarks

24 April 2024


Dr. Hanan Morsy

DES (Programmes) – United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

ECA, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia




Distinguished ladies and gentlemen

Executive Secretary Mr Claver Gatete

Distinguished discussants: H.E. Mr. Anthony Mothae Maruping, Chairperson of the ARC Group Board and former African Union’s Commissioner for Economic Affairs and Dr. Rebekah Shirley, Deputy Director for Africa, World Resources Institute Africa.

Let me start by thanking all those who have contributed to today’s discussion and launch, particularly our distinguished discussants, for their rich contributions. 

As we have heard the  ERA 2024, “Investing in a Just and Sustainable Transition in Africa”, focuses on what a Just and Sustainable Transition means for Africa, while analysing its drivers, the associated and strategic investment opportunities, as well as the available and potential financing strategies.

The report’s recommendations will go a long way in contributing to improving human well-being and the welfare of future generations by fulfilling basic needs, creating productive jobs and sustainable livelihoods, and establishing a healthy ecosystem. 

Africa has a window of opportunity to undertake an impactful, just and sustainable transition guided by an African-informed narrative. Factors such as the continent’s youthful population, ample arable land, renewable resource endowments, huge deposits of strategic minerals, and latecomer advantages from emerging technologies position Africa to shape the sustainability transition at the global level. The report launched today is a robust package of important policy recommendations tailored for Africa. 

The ultimate test of the usefulness on this report will rest in the implementation of the recommendations it offers. Given the magnitude of the challenge that climate change alongside rising inequality and poverty present, there is no time to waste. The time to act is now. We cannot afford to approach the recommendations using “business as usual” strategies.  A new transformative approach is needed that is guided by a forward-looking vision that will maximize benefits from emerging economic and technological opportunities and use of continental mechanisms like the African Continental Free Trade Area.

ECA takes this opportunity to reiterate that it stands ready to assist Member states in their efforts to implement a Just and Sustainable Transition.

Once again let me take this opportunity to thank our distinguished discussants and all delegates who joined us here today in person and online.  I would also like to thank my colleagues at ECA who worked very hard to make this launch possible today.

Thank you