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Strengthening Domestic Resource Mobilization after COVID-19

23 November, 2022
Strengthening Domestic Resource Mobilization after COVID-19

ECA in collaboration with UNCTAD and other Regional Commissions including ESCAP and ECLAC have been implementing project activities through a DA project aimed at enabling UN member countries to diagnose their fragilities in the global and regional context and identify and design appropriate policy responses leading toward recovery and return to the development path.

Recognising the extent to which Africa’s economic, financial and debt vulnerabilities have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic ECA embarked on carrying out studies aimed at assessing countries’ taxation systems with the aim of identifying challenges and opportunities that could enhance their domestic resource mobilization.

The first phase of the project led to the development of a generic Tax Policy Framework for African Countries, to be used in the assessment of the countries tax systems. This framework was applied to countries including Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia in the second phase of the project.

These project outputs are available at