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Digital Transformation


DITE4Africa aims to empower Africa's sustainable development pathway through inclusive, innovative and secure digital possibilities. Here are ECA's ongoing efforts within the framework of the Africa Union Digital Transformation Strategy 2030 and UN Global Digital Compact.

DITE-AFRICA Development of Digital Policies and Strategies, particularly in areas of digital governance, digital access, digital trade, and data governance as well in digital infrastrucure.
 DITE-AFRICA Aligning with the UN Global Digital Compact to enhance the capacity of member states, civil society and academia to contribute to the UN Digital Compact.
 DITE-AFRICA  Enhancing of Africa's Digital Capacity of member states to harness technologies including AI, robotics, IoT, 5G and blockchain while ensuring these technologies are properly regulated.
DITE-AFRICA Implementation of the Good Digital ID Framework Principles as enabling factors for digital transformation, inclusive growth, and regional integration.
 DITE-AFRICA Implementation of the Lomé Declaration on cybersecurity against cybercrime to achieve a secure, inclusive & sustainable digital transformation.

STI for Sustainable Development:

Accelerate Africa’s transition to an innovation-led, Knowledge-based Economy by (a) improving STI readiness in infrastructure, technical competence, and entrepreneurial capacity and (b) implementing specific policies and programs in STI that address societal needs in a holistic and sustainable way.

 DITE-AFRICA  Accelerating climate innovation and net-zero solutions including climate information systems (CIS) early warning systems, just energy transition platforms., etc.