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STEAM Center of Excellence, Rwanda

Project Overview
The main objective of the African STEAM Center of Excellence (ASTEAM CoE) is to drive sustainable economic development through STEAM education, equipping students for rapid economic, scientific and technological developments happening around the world.
Host country: Rwanda
  • Develop a solid knowledge base among students and enhance their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics

  • Serve as an epicenter for the development or application and promotion of the highest standards of STEAM education

  • STEAM Curriculum mapping and alignment for standards-based instruction and assessment

  • Provide opportunities for teachers through professional development to increase their capacity and for students to have the opportunity to experience, new technologies relevant to the digital age.

  • Support high-quality mathematics, science, and technology education in Rwanda.

Key results:
A strategic document to establish the center has been developed and endorsed through a validation workshop, considering inputs gathered from 40 stakeholders representing different sectors.