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Lobu Small Stock Farm (LSF), Botswana

Project Overview
The project will transforming the Lobu Small Stock Farm  (LSF) into a center of excellence for small stock development by leveraging smart agriculture technologies as part of climate change adaptation.  This includes upgrading infrastructure for the 10,300 hectares farm by providing modern and sustainable means of water and energy, access and internal roads, and kraal infrastructure; and introducing digital infrastructure that would enable the leveraging of smart agriculture technologies to drive efficiencies and competitiveness in the small-stock sector.
Country: Botswana
Specifically smart classroom is being established for training purposes. IoT and microcontroller technologies will be prototyped to assist farmers (IoT and microcontroller-based small-stock health monitoring system; IoT-based water intake monitoring system for small-stock)
Project timelines
The project is expected to be operational by the end of 2023.
Key results
ECA has provided support to develop the work plan and prepare necessary documents and design for the farm as well as to Conduct studies on smart technologies to be embedded at the farm.